Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

KL Rain Roof


Design Architect
Chua Yheu-Shen


Transport Terminal


140,000 sqft GFA
45 Residential Units


R&D 2010


PAM Silver Medal (1st place)
AA Ralph Knott Award

KL Rain Roof

This project is in response towards pollution and the monsoon season in Kuala Lumpur. It challenges the typology of a transport terminal for buses which predominantly produces polluted carbon monoxide emission. A clear example would be the highly polluted old Puduraya Bus Terminal.

This evolves the question of environmental degradation that must be addressed in tandem with the experimentation of renewable building types where the project looked into the possibility of creating a cell that would excite a momentum, generating cycles of self-cleansing environment using rain water.

This is achieved by taking advantage of the excessive rain occurring in the city to cleanse the air within the terminal. Not only it reduces air pollutants, it also creates a cool indoor environment. With this roof design which allows guided rain penetration, it forms the rain curtains within the terminal building, creating a cinematic experience without affecting the movement of commuters.